Rules of advancement

To advance from year to year a Trainee must pass all relevant course-work and examinations. A Trainee who fails a module due to course-work or examination will have to re-sit the year. The Trainee will only have to complete work linked to that module which would be course-work, examinations and compulsory attendance at the seminars linked to that module.

If a Trainee fails any module two years in a row they will fail their training and will be removed from the Training Pgrogram. After a 12 month period a Trainee can reapply starting the Training Program from the beginning.

A Trainee may also fail a year due to insufficient payment to the PGA Poland.

In consideration of exceptional circumstances the Training Committee may waive all or part of the above decisions. It’s decision on the matter being final.

At the end of each training year the Training Committee will award a diploma to the Trainee of the Year. This award can go to any Trainee whether he/she be in years 1, 2 or 3.

All materials presented and prepared by the PGA Poland will be in Polish, not all materials will be available in English and any cost of translation will have to be covered by the Trainee.

On successful completion of the Training Program a Trainee will be rewarded with a PGA Polad Diploma and one of the following PGA Poland titles:

  • PGA Fully Qualified Golf Professional
  • PGA Qualified Golf Trainer
  • PGA Qualified Golf Instructor

The titles will be decided on the basis of the Trainees' internal playing handicap. Trainees with a handicap between 14,4 – 10,5 will receive the PGA Qualified Golf Instructor title. Trainees with a handicap between 10,4 – 6,5 will receive the PGA Qualified Golf Trainer title. Trainees with handicap lower than 6,5 will receive full qualifications – PGA Qualified Golf Professional title.