Advanced Program CPD

One of the main tasks of the PGA of Poland is the stimulation of golf development and fitting the training programme to the ever growing market expectations. It is thus necessary to prepare a structure of continuing development which, for many years, functions in many other PGAs of Europe member countries.

Just for this purpose the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme was prepared. It enables professionals to improve their qualifications through continuing development and obtaining information on the latest research, discoveries or techniques which stream in from different parts of the world due to the dynamic changes and innovation within the sport.

CPD allows the PGA of Poland members to improve their qualifications and retain the AA status through participation in seminars and training. Those who do not decide to improve their qualifications will lose points and as a result of this, may lose their status.

Our aim is to stimulate development and, at the same time, fit the training programme to the needs of the market. The PGA is working on promoting the continuing development mentality which is such an important part of professional golf and can be clearly seen in many other PGAs in Europe.